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How To Post An Ad On Chiremba Road

How To Post An Ad On Chiremba Road

After you set up your account on Chiremba Road you will then need to post ads and make sales via the site. This guide will help you do that.

On Chiremba Road you post ads and services listings. The difference is that ads are more like physical products that you will be selling at a particular time eg eggs, clothes, chicken, gym equipment etc.

On the other hand, services listings are intangible services that you will be offering to your customers eg electrical repair, construction, plumbing, personal coaching, tutoring, driving lessons etc.

Make sure your post is put in the right category to help you gain maximum exposure and have higher chances of getting customers via the site.

Here we will show you how to post ads. You can see this post on how to post services listings. To post an ad you will first need to have registered your account on the site. If you have not done that you can get instructions on how to register by clicking here.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How To Post An Ad On Chiremba Road

  1. Log in to your account

    You will first need to log in to your account dashboard. You can log in by clicking here.

  2. Start creating the ad

    You can begin creating the ad by clicking the red “+” sign at the top of the page or by clicking the “Post Ad” link on the menu. You can also simply click here

  3. Enter Ad Name

    Enter the name of your ad. This is critical because that is what potential buyers will see first on the frontend of the website. You need a title that clearly states what you are selling.

    An ad title like ‘Sale 50% Off’ is ambiguous and won’t serve you well. A title like ‘Fresh Farm Tomatoes’ is much better.

    Post an ad on Chiremba Road

  4. Choose a category

    You must then enter the correct category of your ad. The right category will help your ad show up in search results. It will also make it easy for your ad to be shown as a related item when a customer is viewing other ads in the same category.

    Some categories are sub-categories of a main category eg ‘Rooms for rent’ is a subcategory of ‘Property’. In such a case you must first choose the main category and then the correct subcategory section will appear.

    Choosing the wrong category is shooting yourself in the foot.

  5. Add other important details

    After choosing the correct category and clicking next you will then have to enter other details like:
    – the price of the product
    – currency (ZWL or US$)
    – description of your ad. Here you must give all details that potential buyers will need eg make, model, size, weight, color etc
    – item condition whether new or used

    You will also need to upload at least one product image to help prospective customers understand your ad. You can upload a maximum of five images.
    The maximum image size is 800kb. If your ads are too big then you must compress them.

    You can either:
    – compress your image on This website will remove unnecessary data on your images while reducing the image’s overall size. The result will be an image that looks like the original but with smaller file size.

    – If the image is still bigger than 800 kb after compressing it then it may have large dimensions resulting in big file size. will allow you to resize images with big dimensions like 2000px x 1500px to say 800px x 500 px and thus reduce image file size. After resizing the image you will still need to compress it using the method above.

    Another important part of this step is the entering of ‘tags’ on your ad. Tags are important as they help your ad show in search results.

    These are related terms that will trigger your advert to show if a prospective customer uses those search terms.

    For example, if you are selling clothing bales you can use tags like mabhero, used clothes, cheap clothes etc (each tag is supposed to be separated by a comma.)

    If you are selling bread your tags can be chingwa, tuckshop, grocery, tea, food etc.

    Tags are essential because if someone searches for a product that you are selling even on Google, and they use one of your tags as the searching keyword your ad is likely to show in the search results.

    Think of tags as alternative search titles that can be used by prospective customers in searching for the goods you are selling. You can also use these tags in the product description.

  6. Enter Your Information

    In the final step, you must enter your contact information that will be used by prospective customers. The default city is Harare and you will have to choose one of the seven suburbs along Chiremba Road for Town.

    For the address, you can put your home address or simply put your suburb if you don’t want to share your exact location.

    Click submit and your ad will be sent to the admins for approval. If you need to change any aspect of your ad you can easily do this by going to your dashboard and clicking on the ad.

This is how you can list your ad on You can see how to add listings here.

Let us know if you have any challenges in the comments below.

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