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Advantages Of Posting Your Ad on Chiremba Road

Advantages Of Posting Your Ad on Chiremba Road gives you an opportunity to post your ads and business for free online. Below are advantages of using the website

  • Reach a wider audience and give your ads a longer lifespan

With WhatsApp, your ads are limited to group members. People outside your group won’t see your ads unless someone shares them.

Added to this, it’s not all group members who will see the ad, it’s only group members who are online at the time who will see the ads. If the group has a lot of traffic your ads will quickly be lost and you will need to post frequently which can be tedious.

On Chiremba Road you can reach a wider audience than when you post on WhatsApp groups. For starters, your ads can be seen by people who are not even on WhatsApp as they are searching on Google. Your ads also have a longer lifespan on the website than on WhatsApp.

  • Ads Are Easily Shareable Across Platforms

On WhatsApp, it’s a bit difficult to share your ads on other platforms like email and Facebook. On Chiremba Road, however, it is very easy for your ad to be shared to other platforms like Facebook, Telegram, Signal etc. This easily extends the reach of your ad.


Other advantages include

  • you can post unlimited ads
  • you have your own dashboard that allows customers to send you private messages
  • it’s free to post
  • your customers can leave you reviews. If these are positive they will help you get new customers
  • you can create a ‘mini’ one-page website for your business by listing it on the site and giving your customers all the information they need to do business with you

So what are you waiting for? Create your free account and post ads or list your business today!

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