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How To Add A Listing On Chiremba Road

How To Add A Listing On Chiremba Road

To add a listing on Chiremba Road you will need to first create a free account. If you don’t have an account you can get instructions on how you can set one here.

You can add listings like photocopying, barbershop, butchery, driving school, carpentry etc. You can read our other guide on how you can post ads on Chiremba Road here.

How To Add A Listing On Chiremba Road

Click on Add Listing

First click ‘Add new listing‘ link on the services page. You will then get to a page where you will enter the details of your listing.

  • Listing Title

    Enter the name of your listing. This is usually the name of your business. 

  • Enter Description

Enter the description of your business. State what you do and what your offer to customers.

  • Listing Claim

Skip this

  • Select Category

Select all the categories that fit your business so that it will be easy to find for prospective customers

  • Listing Tags

Choose tags that relate to your business. These are related terms that will trigger your advert to show if a prospective customer uses those search terms. For example, if your company is into construction you can use the following tags bricklaying, plastering, home renovations etc. 

  • Enter Contact Information

Enter all details including phone number, website (if applicable), email. Please note all these details are public so don’t share any sensitive information.

  • Attach Images

Add images that represent your business eg your shop front.

  • Add Location Details

Enter the location of your business. On the country selection just choose your suburb. 

Agree to the terms and then click submit. Your listing will be forwarded to the admins and will be visible in the frontend once confirmed.

If you have any questions you can use the comment box below and we will get back to you.

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